Five Star Activators

Five Star Activators engage in exceptional Amateur Radio outreach during their activations and receive a special ”Five Star Activator” designation on their Activator certificate. Activators must perform a minimum of five items on the Five Star Activator list to qualify.

Each of the following Activators has qualified and will receive the special ”Five Star Activator” recognition on their Activator certificates:

DateCall SignName
2021-12-31xx2xxName Last Name
2021-12-31xx2xxxName Last Name
2021-12-31xx2xxyName Last Name
2021-12-31xx2xxzName Last Name
2021-12-31xx2xxwName Last Name
2021-12-31xx2xxvName Last Name
2021-12-31xx2xxuName Last Name

If you’d like to claim ”Five Star Activator” credit, please send a request to the QcPOTA event committee using the Contact Form. Please be prepared to provide documentation (photos, video, electronic media, etc) of those activities; if requested.